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The Gutter Guard Wand


At THE RHINO® we want you to completely take the ladder out of your home maintenance routine.

THE RHINO® Wand is a multi-purpose telescopic water tool designed to help with a variety of exterior cleaning needs. Should you need to clear cob webs, mud dauber nests, heavy pollen, melt stubborn ice, or simply need to rinse off your soffit, siding, windows, or screens – we want you to do it safely from the ground.

This handy tool attaches to a standard garden hose and transforms your normal water pressure into a powerful blade of water.

The lightweight telescoping aluminum arm extends to provide enough reach without the use of a ladder. The wand is also equipped with foam grips that promote stability during use.



  • Lightweight and adjustable

  • Integrated on/off valve

  • Generates high velocity spray with standard household water pressure

  • Use for a variety of exterior home maintenance needs without a ladder


gutter guard wand
de gutter guard wand
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