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Protection where others lack!


THE RHINO® is the first patented, stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards system that provides smart solutions to areas of your home that needs additional protection.

High volumes of water can overwhelm gutters in certain spots such as inside roof valleys, bay windows, additional stories, and under dormers. For example, an inside roof valley is the point where two rooflines meet forming a 90° angle. This creates an inside corner with more water flow than any other area of the home and this increased volume always overshoots the gutter.

Stumped for years, gutter companies have attempted to install diverters to decrease the velocity, but these always fail and end up becoming an annoying debris trap that must be manually cleaned.

Our solution to this and other high volume areas around your home is a line of patented RHINO Miters.

The Rhino® Miters benefits at a glance:

  • Enlarges open area by 40% to allow more water into the gutter in trouble spots

  • Constructed of sturdy aluminum and surgical grade stainless steel micro-mesh

  • Screws directly to the gutter and then to the fascia to ensure it stays in place

  • Designed to be low profile because we care about the appearance of your home

  • Eliminates the need for ugly shields or diverters


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